Crescent Woods is the first area in Windora that the player visits. You met Ikari and Reason here. There are ruins of a ancient kingdom around the area, most of the forest has swallowed it. Shrine of the Moon is located here. You can reach Crescent Village to the west, Lotus Swamp to the north through a cave. There are two sections to Crescent Woods, North and South. North Crescent Woods has a large river in between it with two large stone bridges going across it. A few towers that belong to the Shrine of the Moon's lower section. The South Crescent Woods is split in two by a even larger river, with a great bridge crossing it. This is also the first area you gain control over Ikari, allowing you to solve different kinds of puzzles that Leo can't do.

Locations Edit

Events and History Edit

Prologue Edit

When the player first arrives here via Melody of Summoning, they meet Reason who ask for help finding a fox. Leo hesitates to help, but ends up doing it for information about his situation. After Leo finds Ikari near the Shrine of the Moon, she begs him to help her. Because Reason previously told him that she's a trickster and don't believe what she says, he tries calling for Reason. She bites him to prevent him from yelling, begging even more. He eventually helps her, talking her to Crescent Village.

Later on the two go to Shrine of the Moon to find her Flute Spear, which is located in the middle of Crescent Woods. Before they can enter though, they get stopped by Ran. Ran gained a interest in the two because she saw their previous conversation in front of the shrine. She wanted to see if they were strong, so she tested them before letting them enter the shrine. This would be the first battle the player can participate in, skip-able of course.

Chapter 1 Edit

The player returns here after hearing a rumor about a storm in Crescent Woods causing it to flood. They were worried about the village. But the water prevented them from reaching it, since it took out the small bridge leading to the village. They run into a villager who got trapped outside the village while he was searching for firewood. He explains to the two about a tower in the neighboring swamp, which is the home of a water spirit. The two believe the odd weather is the spirits fault, so they decide to go to Lotus Swamp to the north. The villager happens to have the key to the locked door. After completing the dungeon, the forest returns to normal and the bridge towards the village was repaired by the villager who was trapped outside.

Chapter 5 Edit

The two return later on with new friends to find a sacred object hidden deeper in the Shrine of the Moon. While they're there, they noticed the towers sticking out of the water are connected.

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