Ancient Art

A picture of Hatsumi found in a book in the White Library.

Hatsumei was a Kitsune who lived during the Missing History, she was the strongest person that existed during that time period, and was also the one who composed the Melody of Summoning.

Not much was known about Hatsumei due to most of the information from that time period was lost. Only a few things are still known about what shes done.

Appearance Edit

Hatsumei wore a grey and red dress and a red scarf, no one knew what her face looked like other than her family because she always wore a white mask with a red crescent moon on it. She had orange long hair, ears and a tail.

History and Events Edit

Hatsumei was a traveling fox, looking for adventure and treasure, she discovered a power that could summon objects and people from different worlds and time periods. She transformed the power into a song that only her and her family knew. That song was titled Melody of Summoning and it was passed on through her family line after her death.

Using the melody, she summoned several things that shape the world now. Most notable would be the Nameless City, a city created from multiple buildings that were summoned from a larger city know as New York during 1960. The same city the Kitsune arrived in hundreds of years later when they connected Kitsune Island with Windora.

No one knows how or when Hatsumei died, or even if she did. She just vanished from history. Some believe she figured out how to use Melody of Summoning's effects backwards and teleported to another world in a different time period.

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