A island home to the Kitsune, it was ruled by the Golden Fox Clan, and the home of Ikari. It was mostly destroyed by the White Wolf Clan during the Quadruple War. Only three buildings there still stand.

Pre-Quadruple War Edit

A really large island floats in the West Angel Ocean, hosting hundreds of Kitsune. The Golden Fox Clan ruled it, they lived in the direct center of the island, in the City of the Golden Tails. It was surrounded by a forest called Blossom Garden. It was peaceful every day, every fox would play songs on their flutes, the Flute Spears.

Post-Quadruple War Edit

Four clans waged war against each other, the Golden Foxes, the White Wolf Clan, the Black Cat Clan, and the Amethyst Eye Clan. After several years of warring with each other, the Amethyst Eye Clan used their secret weapon the Twilight Cannon and destroyed half of Kitsune Island. The Twilight Cannon also malfunctioned and completely wiped out the Amethyst Eyed Clan. After all the casualties, the remaining three clans made a treaty, the TriTreaty, only to be broken several years later.

Post-TriTreaty Edit

After the TriTreaty was broken, the White Wolf Clan took it to themselves to finish off the already damaged Golden Fox Clan, nearly killing all of them. Ikari was the only one to survive the raid. The island was left in ruins, only a few buildings survived the fire.

Notable Locations Edit

  • City of the Golden Tails(Golden Ruins)
  • Blossom Garden(Grave Garden)
  • Golden Mansion
  • Kitsune Bridge(Remains)

Events Edit

Ikari and Leo and company go to Kitsune Island to find a sacred object in the castle remains. (Story is very unfinished around this point)


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