Leo is the hero of the story, he is Ruby's older brother. He worked at a factory in a unnamed city during the early 1920s. He was on his way to work when he heard Ikari's "Incomplete Melody of Summoning", he would of been summoned if he stuck around longer, but he was in a hurry to get to work. He later heard it again while he was on his way back home. This time he got too close to the source and was forcefully summoned to Windora by Ikari.

Appearance Edit

Pre-Summon Edit

He wore a black shirt and blue pants, he also wore the purple scarf his sister Ruby gave him that morning for his birthday.

Post-Summon Edit

After he saves Ikari from Reason, she gives him clothes and equipment she obtained from test summoning. He wears a purple hooded jacket that's from his world but a different time period and sweat pants. He wears bandages instead of a shirt. Instead of wearing the purple scarf he got from his sister around his neck, he wears it as a belt. There is a pink star on his hood and pink laces hanging from the front of his jacket.

Rendo Desert Arc Edit

"no design has been made yet"

Twilight Cannon Arc Edit

"no design has been made yet"

Power and Abilities Edit

Leo has a choice between four classes(Three for your first run). Each have different abilites and fighting styles. You can't change after you selected for the first time. Each class also have a choice of three elements, which you get to pick later on in the story.

Sword's Law Edit

A quick and agile class meant for quick and powerful attacks. It' the most balanced class of the four.

Sword's Chaos Edit

A powerful and skilled class meant for a more offensive play style.

Sword's Soul Edit

A defensive and supportive class meant for a more strategic play style.

Sword's Ruby Edit

A unlockable class after you complete Ruby's side quest and started New Game+. It has a mix of important abilities of the other three classes. Including a few new ones.

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