Lotus Swamp is the last Adventure Field in Chapter 1. It's split in two sections. You reach it from the flooded cave at Crescent Woods. Just like Crescent Woods, it's eternally night time here. Lotus Shrine is located at the very top of Lotus Swamp. There is a group of explorers in the area who build wooden platforms around the area, giant lotus flowers are floating around the area, you can use them to jump between platforms. Due to the storm that flooded Crescent Woods some of the platforms has collapsed, forcing you to figure out other ways to get around.

Locations Edit

Events and History Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Leo and Ikari come here after hearing from a villager about the water spirit in Lotus Shrine located somewhere in Lotus Swamp. Along the way, they find a Old House on a cliff, a group of explorers take it as a temporary base while studying the area. They explain to Leo about the ancient kingdom that used to be in Crescent Woods. Because they didn't want to have a long conversation, they let you look at their research books left on the table.

When Leo and Ikari reach the shrine, Ran stops them for a second time to test their strength.

After you beat Chapter 1 Edit

After you complete chapter 1, you gain access to the Shadow Dungeon of Lotus Shrine. When entering the dungeon, you get the option to enter the original dungeon or the Shadow Dungeon.

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