Location and History Edit

The first half of the game takes place in Windora, The tropical continent which takes up most of the west.

This is the first major area that the Player will explore, it also being one of the largest locations and hosting most of the game. It's one of four large areas that the game will take place in, the others would be Mordia, Origin Islands, and Future Ruins.

It doesn't have a ruler nor does it have it's own kingdom. After the Quadruple War, the kingdom that was ruling it was destroyed along with the Amethyst Eyed Clan. The kingdoms castle and surrounding city was the location of the final battle of the Quadruple War.

Notable Places Edit

Windora is one of the largest continents in the world. It has multiple cities and ruins.

  • Crescent Woods
  • Crescent Village
  • Temple of the Moon
  • Lotus Swamp
  • Lotus Shrine
  • Lalabay Plains
  • Lalabay City
  • Lalabay Beach
  • Melody City
  • Song Canyon
  • King's Ruins
  • Nameless City
  • Nameless Tower
  • River in the Clouds
  • Kitsune Bridge
  • Kitsune Island

Residents Edit

Windora was originally inhabited by humans, till the Kitsune Hatsumei summoned a bridge connecting Kistune Island and the Nameless City, enabling the Kitsune to live in Windora.

Because of the Quadruple War, a few others ended up living in the Nameless City.

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